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Affiliate Marketing is a $10B business. With thousands and thousands of affiliates in the world, how do you know how to find the affiliates that are going to be right for you? 5IQ sorts through the clutter and provides you the data you need for effective Affiliate Recruiting.

How do I work with 5IQ?

1. List of Affiliates

By Category: 5IQ sites are organized into over 200 categories. Which category is right for you?

By Competitor: Do you want to know who your competitor is working with? We'll tell you.

2. 5IQ Self-Serve Portal

Do you like to explore data on your own?

If so, the self serve portal might be the best solution for you. The portal is designed for users that need a continuous stream of data….because recruiting never stops!

3. Custom Data Sets

Do you have a unique question that 5IQ can help with? Let us know and we'll be happy to scope something out for you.

In the past, we've had customers interested in detailed analysis of affiliates in various countries, networks and categories that is not available through our standard data sets.

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Our Clients Are:


Are you ready to take charge of recruiting? 5IQ provides your team the data they need so that they can spend their time recruiting and not doing research.


Be a hero for your clients. Use 5IQ to find affiliates that your advertisers never knew existed.


Are you advertisers demanding a better selection of affiliates. Use 5IQ to identify and recruit the affiliates you need to keep your advertisers happy.